Permanent Residence through Employment

At Domingos Law Firm, we specialize in helping individuals obtain Permanent Residence through Employment. Our experienced team provides comprehensive assistance with petitions for alien workers (Form I-140), EB-2 “National Interest Waiver” applications for individuals who bring significant benefits to the U.S., and acquiring PERM labor certificates for employers seeking to hire foreign workers. We guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your path to permanent residency is smooth and efficient.

Benefits of Our Permanent Residence through Employment Services

Choosing Domingos Law Firm, for your Permanent Residence through Employment services provides numerous advantages. We offer expert guidance through the complex application process, helping to avoid common mistakes that could delay your path to permanent residency. We give your case the time and attention it deserves, providing personalized assistance tailored to your unique circumstances. With our expertise, you can be confident that your application is in capable hands.

FAQs About Permanent Residence through Employment Services

Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, is a form that a prospective employer must file on behalf of a foreign worker who seeks to become a permanent resident in the U.S. based on employment.

The EB-2 “National Interest Waiver” is a waiver of the job offer and labor certification requirements for eligible individuals who demonstrate that their employment in the U.S. would benefit the nation.

A PERM labor certificate is a document that U.S. employers must obtain to show that there are insufficient, qualified, willing, and able U.S. workers available to fill a particular job and that hiring a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.

Why Choose Domingos Law Firm, for Permanent Residence through Employment Services?

Domingos Law Firm, is the go-to firm for Permanent Residence through Employment services in Seattle. Our proven track record of success, thorough understanding of immigration laws, and commitment to client satisfaction make us the ideal choice. We provide personalized service to ensure the best possible outcome for each client. Let us take the stress out of your immigration process. Call us at (206) 702-5885 and begin your journey to permanent U.S. residency.