At Domingos Law Firm, we specialize in providing Asylum services to individuals seeking refuge in the U.S. Our seasoned team is well-versed in both affirmative and defensive asylum applications, helping clients navigate the complexities of asylum law whether you’re applying with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or in court as a defense against removal proceedings.

Benefits of Our Asylum Services

Our Asylum services offer numerous benefits. With our vast knowledge of U.S. asylum law, we can deliver comprehensive guidance throughout the asylum process. We ensure your application is accurate, complete, and persuasive, increasing your chances of a successful outcome. Our empathetic and diligent approach means we’re by your side at every step, providing the support you need during this crucial time.

FAQs About Asylum Services

Affirmative asylum involves applying for asylum proactively with the USCIS. In contrast, defensive asylum is applied as a defense against removal proceedings in immigration court.

The duration of the asylum process can vary widely depending on individual circumstances and the backlog of the USCIS or the immigration court. It can range from a few months to several years.

If granted asylum, you can petition to bring your spouse and children under 21 to the United States.

Why Choose Domingos Law Firm, for Asylum Services?

If you’re seeking asylum, you need a team that knows the intricacies of asylum law, and that’s exactly what Domingos Law Firm offers. Our depth of knowledge, experience, and personalized service ensure you have the best possible assistance during your asylum process. We’re committed to standing with you, fighting for your rights, and helping you secure a safe future. Contact us today at +1 425-340-3920┬áto discuss your asylum case.